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About New City Network

New City Network was born out of a collective yearning from churches and ministries to band together, enhancing their understanding of best practices for cross-cultural ministry and fostering meaningful conversations. United by a shared vision, we’re committed to pursuing holistic well-being for those denied Biblical justice. Through our collaborative network, we support our members in championing justice and mercy, cultivating cross-cultural relationships, and promoting contextual worship rooted in scripture. With us, it’s more than just a partnership—it’s a likeminded community, a family committed to the shared calling of Biblical justice.

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The New City Network was officially formed in 2010 at a leadership conference of urban leaders. Randy and Joan Nabors together with Robert Blevins began to build the Network in September 2012. Since that time, the Network has been devoted to aiding churches serving marginalized communities. Our efforts are guided by principles of Biblical justice and mercy and focused on community flourishing as defined by the community. 


The New City Network is a church support organization that serves isolated and under-resourced church leaders that are pursuing justice and mercy in their communities. We equip, connect, and encourage them through consulting, coaching, cohorts, and conferences.


We attract members who share our values of Biblical justice, contextual worship, cross-cultural relationships, and being rooted in Scripture.


We focus on the unique needs of diverse communities and emphasize genuine family relationships across ethnicity, class, and gender, ensuring a holistic approach to community development and worship.

Core Commitments


To see a unified body of Christ pursue the holistic well-being of those denied Biblical justice–for our mutual good.


We equip churches and ministries that are pursuing justice and mercy in their communities.


Cross-cultural relationships

Contextual worship

Rooted in scripture

Biblical justice


Robert Blevins

Robert Blevins


Robert Blevins was a history teacher and coach for 13 years in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Feeling a call to ministry, he went on to become the program director at Hope for the Inner City, (a community development organization) for four years. These experiences in under-resourced communities prepared him to understand the unique challenges of walking with disenfranchised communities.

Board of Directors

Tony Myles

Tony Myles

President of the Board

Ronnie Perry Jr.

Ronnie Perry Jr.

Member at Large

JP Sibley

JP Sibley


Wyketta Shipman

Wyketa Shipman


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Ready to dive deeper into the mission of fostering cross-cultural church growth and enhancing community engagement? We’re excited to hear from you! Whether you’re looking to host a cross-cultural training event for your church, preparing to join the network, or just want to share your thoughts, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is ready to listen, learn, and support you in any way we can. Connect with us today and let’s start the journey toward Biblical justice and mercy together.

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